The Jumpstart Your Biz School Opens for Enrollment in January 2021

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Join a community of like-minded individuals, all moving in the same direction. They’re going to make it happen, and so are you! But it takes the right SKILLS, STRATEGIES, MINDSET & SYSTEMS. 


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What is the Jumpstart Your Biz School?

The Jumpstart Your Biz School is the Entrepreneurial / small business training that you’ve never had.

The Jumpstart Your Biz School is a 13-week, interactive and comprehensive training program. It teaches you everything from A-Z on how to start up, grow, monetize and scale your own business. It focuses on teaching smart, effective marketing and sales strategies while also building the foundation for a long-lasting, sustainable and consistently profitable business doing what you love.


Whether you’re brand new to running your own business or you’re already established and ready to grow, the Jumpstart Your Biz School will train you on what you need to do as well as what you do NOT need to do to build a successful, profitable business.

There are numerous hats one has to wear as a business owner or Entrepreneur, the Jumpstart Your Biz School will give you the bird’s eye view of all those hats and how to set them up within your business AND it will give you the nitty gritty how-to tactics on how to implement, monetize and succeed faster.

what you’ll learn

The Jumpstart Your Biz School (JSYB-School) Focuses on the 6 Stages of Business Development

Step #1 - creating your lifestyle business goals & vision

Most Entrepreneurs dive right into the marketing or selling when they first start their business but they forget about establishing and outlining a very important vision and direction that the company will take. Without the vision and constant attention to staying on track, Entrepreneurs often get swayed with “BSOS” – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

In addition, 95% of Entrepreneurs set their money goals too low from the start because they don’t “see” what is really necessary to build the business the way they want it and “what’s truly possible”.

step #2 - creating your overall biz models & sales strategy

In order to sell a lot of people into your programs, products and services you have to be CRYSTAL CLEAR on what it is that you’re really offering, selling, who it’s for, why they should care, how you’ll go about delivering it and the total TRANSFORMATION in general that the customers will receive. 

Marketing without a rock solid sales plan and process in place is haphazzard and will only get you so far. In this stage, you will build a very clear, yet flexible, business model and sales strategy to support you in reaching your goals.

step #3 - creating your lead generation & marketing systems

Only after the first two stages have been properly assembled and put in place, should you even consider “turning on the marketing hose” so to speak. Most Entrepreneurs mass market too soon and often by investing funds they unnecessarily, come to find out that no one “sticks” or becomes a paying customer because of the lack of follow up, relationship building and nurturing that really needs to take place to establish the “like – trust – connect” factor.  The strategy behind how you will generate and move leads through your systems is vital to your success.

step #4 - building your audience, list & client base

This step is more than just “list building” which is a lot of what other programs or courses teach you, it’s about continuous nurturing, inspiring, educating and offering. There has to be a logical balance between all your interactions, marketing, promotions and engagements. Most Entrepreneurs either promote TOO MUCH and get labeled “salesy” or they just aren’t assertive enough and remain “the best kept secret”. We show you how to develop an even balance of both taking into consideration your personality, your expertise, your target market and what really is necessary to be able to reach your goals.

step #5 - building your business foundation, Team & back-end

Building a consistently profitable business is more than just marketing and selling however. If you don’t set your business up in the “backend” the right way, with the right technology, team, systems, operations, policies, bounaries and more, you will get into what we call: “Manual Labor Chaos”. 

It’s critical that you invest in the tools and technology or team too that can help you build the business smarter, not harder or you will work way too hard for the money you’re making and will most likely cap out or stagnate at some level and growing or scaling will be difficult. 

step #6 - creating your long term growth & scale strategy

These are the things you do once you become a consistently profitable business but not before. If you attempt to scale too soon or expand to quickly you could see a reduction in revenues and even more hours spent. Developing your long-term exit strategy or growth and expansion strategy comes after you’ve been in business a while and have evolved a few times, shifting into what will become your ultimate Lifestyle Business. 

In this stage we will introduce concepts to work toward and plan for in the future based on where you ultimately want to go and we’ll share with you how to reach this stage faster.

is this right for you?

How Does It Work?

The JSYB-School trainings happen LIVE on Zoom weekly. Students are encouraged to attend the sessions in person but everything is recorded and can be listened to and completed at your own pace. Trainings happen over the course of 13 consecutive weeks then accountability calls for implementation, Q&A and coaching with the entire community happen twice monthly after that for the next 9 months. The JSYB-School is a one year training and implementation program. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow worksheets, editable templates, swipe copy or scripts, resource lists, and more. All of the recordings and resources are housed inside a private, JSYB‑School member only website. 

The 9 month Accountability and Implementation period is one of the things that makes this JSYB-School different and worth way more than comprable programs. Entrepreneurs often take courses and trainings and then never implement everything they learn if even some of it. We guarantee you continuous support and advice throughout the whole year to ensure you start seeing more profits.

Plus, students can retake the program for a very low investment each year, staying in the conversation and upleveling to your business’ next level for as long as the program exists.

is this right for you?

The JSYB-School is For:

those working full time, hoping to start a business soon

Did you know that you actually DON’T need to “replace your JOB income” before leaving your job? Most employees beleive this to be the case but in actuality, once you start getting some income coming in and some momentum, you can really catapult your business with an extra 20-40 hours per week!

The JSYB-School will show you how to build this business the right way from the start. You can’t afford to waste any time with the wrong activities.

those in the planning or pre-launch stages

It’s always a good plan to have a plan on what you’ll do and how you’ll launch and grow your business. Entrepreneurs often “don’t know what you don’t know” however. Planning it all out without the proper guidance and knowledge on what is really possible isn’t recommended for the fastest path to cash.

Don’t sit in this stage too long or you may not see success and profits very quickly! Enroll in the JSYB-School and get the clarity and confidence you need to get started sooner than later.

entrepreneurs in their first 3 years of business

If you’ve been running your business part time or full time for a while now but you’re still not making a lot of money then this JSYB-School is the perfect thing for you. Most likely you are missing a few things in your lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales processes. We need to help you fill those holes quickly so you can finally enjoy a CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE business. It’s not easy doing this business all on your own, reaching out for support and guidance is a sign of a great leader and CEO!

entrepreneurs who need to get to their next level quickly

If you’re a seasoned business trying to find the time to do what it takes to get to the next level of your business, then this could also be a very good next step for you. While the trainings do take time to listen to and implement from, you probably have some sort of team that you can delegate many things to so you can move swiftly into bigger profits and more leveraged offerings. This is also a great move if you are transitioning from one type of business to another – you’re now a start up!

When Does the JSYB-School Start?

The Jumpstart Your Biz School opens for enrollment mid-January 2021. Classes run LIVE on Zoom from February 1 through April 2021, then there are monthly accountability and community connection calls to help you implement what you’ve learned through January 2022. Get on the waitlist now to learn about Early Enrollment Bonuses & Discounts!

How Much Is It?

The Jumpstart Your Biz School is less than the price of one semester at a real business school. It teaches you however EXACTLY what you need to know so you can spend your time wisely, focusing ONLY on what will build and grow the business. Pricing and payment options will be revealed to you on your 1on1 call with Katrina or at the time of enrollment. Sign up now for access to Early Enrollment Bonuses and Discounts!

What else do you get?

Additional Benefits and Support

We know that learning a whole bunch of information on how to start, grow and monetize your business the RIGHT way from the start gets overwhelming to say the least. Therefore, we are offering extended office hours for Q&A, hot seat coaching calls, added templates and resources so you don’t have to recreate the wheel on projects you’re trying to create plus of course, community which will be come a VITAL part of your entrepreneurial journey!

Exclusive Resource Center

By making full use of our range of “Business-Building” and “Skills-Building” programs, checklists, templates and resources, you can learn everything you need to become the most sought after professional in your niche.

Pick and choose the right type of skill-based courses to meet your current and evolving needs. There is literally a course for every possible niche, with more being added each month.

Monthly Virtual Office Hours

Access a LIVE monthly Q&A webinar with Craig and special guests where you can bring your questions, challenges and discussion topics that are important to your business right now.

The monthly Virtual Office Hours is a great place to connect live with other students and get up to speed on pertinent topics in our industry.

Private Facebook Group

Access a thriving community of like-minded Entrepreneurs to discuss business topics, share successes, as well as tools and resources, with one another. Perfect for the constant source of support and inspiration you’ve been searching for.

The Private Facebook Group is closely moderated by myself and my team along with a few students who have been through these trainings again and again. You will be in GREAT hands in our community.

Join the Waitlist & Get More Info!

The first class of the Jumpstart Your Biz School will begin soon… You want to have a conversation with the person behind the school, Katrina Sawa, sooner than later. If this is a good fit for you and your next step that will become obvious after a conversation with Kat. Sign up for more info and to be notified when enrollment starts!

There is NO obligation to enroll when you fill this form out – do it, you’ll be glad you did – this training could make every difference for you and your business!

What Students Are Saying

“Kat truly cares about the success and growth of those in her community.” – Alicia White, CEO Back of the Room Productions

“Katrina always goes above and beyond with her knowledge, resources and inspiration!” – Mishele Vieira, Away With Chaos

“Katrina takes you through everything you need to know.” – Barbara Ingrassia,

Meet the Founder

Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love and fast. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, Jumpstart Your Biz in 90 Days System, Jumpstart Speaker System plus a dozen other programs designed to give you a Jumpstart in many areas of your life and business.


Katrina is an Int'l Speaker a 7x International Best-Selling author with 11 books including, Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now and the Jumpstart Your _____ (blank) anthology series. Katrina has a no-nonsense approach to showing entrepreneurs how to develop consistently profitable businesses implementing proven relationship marketing and business models and strategies. She’s been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC, TheCW and she’s the founder of the International Speaker Network.

She founded the Jumpstart Your Biz School to serve thousands of businesses around the world into developing more profitable, smooth-running business machines. Katrina lives in Northern California with her entrepreneur husband Jason, step-daughter Riley and their rescue German Shepherd Willow. Katrina has worked with thousands of business owners in all different industries and professions for over 20 years.

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